With our over 100 years of collective experience and industry knowledge, we offer expertise in the design and installation of HVAC systems and solutions that encompass flexibility, whilst optimising the space available, with integrated HVAC solutions.

Space planning and installation configurations for an HVAC system is a complex undertaking that has to take numerous factors into consideration for the best possible solution. It will often include many specialists from diverse market sectors who all have the best end result in mind which is ultimately to have an HVAC system that can perform at its optimum capacity for many years. Facility managers often get involved in the design process and always draw attention to key focus areas like energy efficiency, operational performance and maintenance. These are important factors that will be instrumental in the entire service life of the system.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are becoming increasingly important to the overall performance of a building. Energy-saving systems, efficient and cost-effective HVAC solutions are high in demand. The Midrand Air team has the passion with the technical expertise and practical skills to offer the best solutions for any commercial or residential space, ensuring that indoor air quality remains healthy & well optimised.


We offer extremely competitive pricing on pre-designed HVAC systems for tender opportunities and work closely with the engineering and construction sectors.

We also offer post-installation support, servicing & maintenance.